Pte Braithwaite George

  • Year of birth: 1890
  • Place of birth: Harrogate, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
  • Date of death: 27/08/1917
  • Place of death: Bülow Farm, north of Keerselare
  • Cause of death: Missing in action
  • Age: 27
  • Profession: apprenti tailleur
  • Country: England, United Kingdom
  • Rank: Private
  • Service number: 24928
  • Enlistment date: Unknown
  • Enlistment place: Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
  • Last known unit: West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own), 9th Bn.
  • Force: British Expeditionary Force


Additional information

Private George Braithwaite was part of the 9th Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment (32nd Brigade, 11th (Northern) Division). The 9th Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment relieved the 9th Bn. Sherwood Foresters at the frontline, 26 November 1917 (Maison Bulgare). On 27 November the battalion was to attack. The objective line was Pheasant Trench. The first wave was to conquer the line: U. 30.d..15.95 to C.6.b.90.15. The second wave would then emerge and was to take: U.30.b.78.90. to D.1.a.65.20. Private George Braithwaite was a part of the A Company, which was positioned on the right side at the start of the attack at 1:55pm and was to take the second line. Shrapnel barrage was sent into the German trenches. At 01:58 pm the Germans started a counterattack, they set their barrage at Langemark-Winnipeg Road. The right of the 9th Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment came under fire from Vieilles Maisons. There was already a line full of casualties by the time the British barrage helped the soldiers to enter Pheasant Trench, many had already fallen. Even though some made it into Pheasant Trench, they had to retreat and create a line of posts east of Bulow Farm, parallel to Pheasant Trench. A day later, these posts were consolidated. On 29 August the battalion was relieved. The aftermath of the attack was 65 killed, 152 wounded and 17 missing. Private George Braithwaite was one of the reported missing. Red Cross eye-witnesses have later declared to have seen him fall during the attack. His girlfriend Evelyn Townsend wrote to Pte Horseman, one of Braithwaite’s close friends, for further information. He stated, same as he did for the enquiries for the Red Cross Wounded and Missing files, that George died during that battle.