Sgt Spalholtz Henry Alexander

  • Year of birth: 1897
  • Place of birth: Guildford, East Perth, Australia
  • Date of death: 04/10/1917
  • Place of death: Alma, Belgium
  • Cause of death: Killed in action (K.I.A.)
  • Age: 20
  • Profession: Shop Assistant
  • Country: Australia
  • Rank: Sergeant
  • Service number: 2402
  • Enlistment date: 16/05/1916
  • Enlistment place: Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia
  • Last known unit: Australian Infantry, 43rd Bn. (The Hindmarsh Regiment)
  • Force: Australian Imperial Force


Additional information

Sergeant Henry Alexander Spalholtz was part of the3th Australian Infantry Hindmarch Regiment (11 AIF Brigade, 3th Australian Division).
Enlisted in may 1916, after which he embarked to England. He stayed in England for educational reasons, where he joined the 11th temporary battalion, in which he was appointed Acting lance corporal for the period of 30/03/1917 up until 13/06/1917. When he proceeded overseas, his rank reverted to private. In France he was assigned to the 43th Battalion. At the end of July, private Spalholtz was admitted to hospital with Tonsilitis. On 4th August he re-joined his battalion. In the beginning of September he was named temporary corporal vice corporal, by the end of September he was a temporary sergeant vice sergeant.
On the 4th October, the 11th Brigade took part in the battle of Broodseinde. The 10th brigade was on its left, the 2nd Australian division on its right.
The capturing of the Red Line (near Thames (D.22.b.20.50.)) and the Blue line (through Nieuwemolen (D.17.40.50.). was split into four objectives. Each objective was to be carried out by one battalion. The 43th Battalion was to capture the line until Alma (D.22.c.20.40). It met its objective at 6.20am, after which it was immediately consolidated. However, the battalion suffered heavy losses before meeting its objective on Hill 40. The 42th battalion was to leapfrog through the 43th battalion. As one company missed its barrage, men from the 43th battalion joined. The second objective (Red line) was reached fairly easy at 7.25 am.
The 44th battalion was to take the third objective (100 yards past Daring Crossing (D.16.d.70.20.). It came under fire from Seine (among others), but hung back and let the barrage take care of it. They met their objective at 8.30 am. The 41st Battalion then advanced for the final objective (Blue line).
A German counterattack was launched at 10.30am. The counterattack was rapidly halted. However, several counterattacks followed. The Brigade was relieved on the night of the 5/6th October.
Sergeant Spalholtz is presumed to have died in this action. His body was later buried at D.21.a.20.10. The body was not found after the war.