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Year of birth:
Place of birth:
Badsey, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom

Army information

England, United Kingdom
British Expeditionary Force
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Enlistment place:
Worcester, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom
 —  Worcestershire Regiment, 1st Bn.  (Last known unit)

Information about death

Date of death:
Place of death:
Hooge, Belgium


Perth Cemetery (China Wall)
Plot: I
Row: E
Grave: 12

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My story

Private Walter Jordan was part of the 1st Bn. Worcestershire Regiment (part of the 24th Brigade, 8th Division). The 8th Division took part in the opening battle of the Battle of Passchendaele on 31 July 1917.

During the night of 30/31th July the whole Ypres Salient was crowded with troops going forward into their assembly positions. The 1st Bn. Worcestershire Regiment formed up near Kingsway and Kingsway Support with headquarters in a dugout at Birr Cross Roads. C and D Company were to attack and capture Ignorance and Ignorance Reserve, A and B Company were to pass through to James Trench and form a Blue Line on Bellewaerde Ridge.

The attack commenced at 3.50 AM. The 1st Bn Worcestershire attacked behind a creeping barrage. They captured Ignorance Trench and Ignorance Support without much opposition. They encountered some machine gun fire and fire from snipers on the right flank. The German barrage caused some casualties when it fell behind Ignorance Trench. Several dugouts were bombed by the moppers-up. The tunnel under the Ypres-Menin Road had long been known and was expected to give a great deal of trouble but turned out to be easily captured, 41 prisoners being taken. The ground from here on was a wilderness of shell-holes, very badly cut up by own shell fire and in places very marshy. After Ignorance Support had been taken A and B Company passed through to attack James Trench, still following the creeping barrage. James Trench, at the edge of Chateau Wood, was captured and strongly held. The Battalion started digging in on the forward slope of Bellewaerde Ridge, overlooking Westhoek. The 2nd Bn. East Lancashire Regiment passed through to attack the Black Line at Westhoek. A and B Company dug in on the ridge, C and D company were consolidating Ignorance Support. When it was certain the troops were well on their way towards Westhoek, D Company was withdrawn to work as stretcher bearers. Tanks passed trough to assist in attacking the Green Line but the ground proved to be too marshy to allow them to be used with success. C Company was brought up to assist A and B Coy in consolidation the Blue Line. During the rest of the day the 1st Worcestershire continued to consolidate the Blue Line.

Pte. Jordan was one of the casualties on 31th July 1917. He was buried at Perth Cemetery (China Wall).

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