Edward Percival Denman

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Insurance Agent

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Canadian Expeditionary Force
Acting Captain
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Enlistment place:
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Place of death:
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Cause of death:
Death post-war (unrelated)

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There is no known cemetery or memorial for this soldier.

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My story

Edward Percival Denman, a former insurance clerk, was born on 10 September 1891 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was the son of George Charles and Charlotte Donaldson. On 31 October 1914 he enlisted in as a private in 24th Battalion Canadian Infantry.

On 20 May 1915 Denman arrived in England. Here he quickly gained promotions, attaining the rank of Company Sergeant Major on 1 September 1915. Fourteen days later he embarked for France at Folkstone, disembarking at Boulogne.

On 24 August 1916 was later transferred to the 23rd Battalion and attended an Officers Training Course at Dibgate near Folkstone. On 20 November 1916 he was attached to the 23rd Battalion as a Temporary Lieutenant. Between 5 December 1916 and 2 January 1917 Lieutenant Denman served as an instructor at the Cadet School in Seaford, Sussex. On the latter date he proceeded to back to France, joining the 24th Battalion Canadian Infantry, part of the 5th Canadian Brigade, of the 2nd Canadian Division.

Denman was promoted to Acting Captain on 2 November 1917. The next day the battalion moved to Caëstre to Ypres. At 6:00 a.m. on 6 November 1917 the 2nd Canadian Division attacked Passchendaele, capturing the ruins of the village. Acting Captain Denman survived the attack, but five officers and 228 other ranks became casualties. 14 November 1917 the 24th Battalion left Flanders for France.

On 17 February 1918 Denman was promoted to Temporary Captain. He was later awarded the Military Cross for his actions on 12-13th October 1918. The accompanying statement read:

For conspicuous gallantry and good work on 12th/13th October 1918, during the operations at Hordain. Through his able and fearless leadership, under heavy fire, he established a line of outposts at least 700 yards in advance of the troops on our flank. Next day he made a daring reconnaissance and kept battalion headquarters posted as to conditions on the front and flank.

Between 24 and 28 October 1917 he was in command of the 24th Battalion. Captain Denman returned to England on 11 April 1919 and to Canada on 10 May 1919. He was discharged upon his arrival on 19 May 1919. He returned to Montreal and to his job as an insurance clerk. Here he married Marjorie Agnes Coyle on 25 April 1925. Edward Percival Denman died on 25 May 1977 and is buried at Cimetière Mont-Royal.

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