Benjamin Martindale

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Hawkshead, Lancashire, Engeland, Verenigd Koninkrijk

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Engeland, Verenigd Koninkrijk
British Expeditionary Force
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Liverpool, Lancashire, Engeland, Verenigd Koninkrijk
 —  The Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment), 2nd Bn.  (Laatst gekende eenheid)

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Mosselmarkt, Passendale, België
Killed in action (K.I.A.)


Tyne Cot Cemetery
Plot: XXXV
Rij: F
Graf: 20

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British War Medal
Medaille — 19/04/1920
Victory Medal
Medaille — 19/04/1920

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Benjamin Martindale was born in 1885. He was the eldest child of Mark and Hannah Martindale of Hawkshead, Lancashire. According to the 1911 Census, Benjamin worked as a general labourer, possibly on his father’s farm in Hawkshead. By 1917 he had been enlisted in the army, serving in France and Flanders with the Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment), 2nd Battalion, part of the 23rd Brigade of the 8th Division.

Mid-November 1917 the 2nd Middlesex moved from northern France to the Ypres front sector. The ruins of Passchendaele had only been taken a couple of days beforehand. On 23 November Benjamin’s Battalion moved into the frontline just North of Passchendaele. Battalion headquarters were at the hamlet of Meetcheele. “B” and “C” Companies took up positions in the frontline between Vocation Farm and Veall Cottage, while “A” and “D” Companies were in support at the hamlet of Mosselmarkt, on the northern outskirts of Passchendaele. By capturing Passchendaele the allies had created a new salient. The positions at the village were in full view of the Germans and vulnerable from three sides. Consequently the lines at Passchendaele were regularly shelled. This was also the case on 24 November 1917. During the early morning the 2nd Middlesex was targeted by the German artillery. Six men were killed in action.

Private Benjamin Martindale was one of these six men. He was possibly killed due to shellfire while being in support at Mosselmarkt. The 32-year old was buried in the field near the place where he fell. After the war, his remains were interred in Tyne Cot Cemetery.

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