L/Cpl Tunkin Robert Hallett

  • Geboortedatum: 08/02/1896
  • Geboorteplaats: Wentworth, New South Wales, Australië
  • Datum van overlijden: 12/10/1917
  • Plaats van overlijden: north of Nieuwemolen, België
  • Doodsoorzaak: Killed in action (K.I.A.)
  • Leeftijd: 21
  • Beroep: Boerderij Knecht
  • Land: Australië
  • Rang: Lance Corporal
  • Service nummer: 2529
  • Dienstneming datum: 15/07/1915
  • Dienstneming plaats: Melbourne, Victoria, Australië
  • Laatst gekende eenheid: Onbekend
  • Strijdmacht: Australian Imperial Force


Extra informatie

Lance corporal Robert Hallett Tunkin was a signaler, part of the 47th Australian Battalion AIF (12th Australian Brigade, 4th Australian Division). He was promoted to Lance Corporal 31 March 1917. Later, he was awarded a Military Medal for gallantry during the battle for Messines, 7-11 June 1917. While being under heavy fire, he patrolled and repaired telephone lines and so kept up communication. Which means he operated as a signaler, which was also mentioned in his Red Cross Wounded and Missing File.
On 11th October orders were issued for the 12th Australian Brigade to protect the flank during a main attack carried out by the 3th Australian Division. Their objective was to create outposts across Keiberg Spur. The 47th Battalion was to take the red line (approximately D.17.b.25.20. to D.24.a.40.85.), the 48th Battalion was, in a second wave, supposed to take the blue line (approximately D.18.a.90.75. to D.18.d.30.20.). On the night of the 9/10 October, the 47th Battalion was stationed near Anzac Ridge in order to carry out the plan. At 11.30 pm 11th October the troops were positioned at their taped starting points (approximately D.17.a.90.10. to D.23.a.20.50.), resulting in several casualties before the battle had started. At 5.25 am (October 12th) the attack was launched and the Red Line was taken. However, heavy counterattacks and losses obstructed the 48th battalion to take the blue line. The 3th Australian Division had failed to meet their objectives, which left the 12th Australian Brigade with an exposed left flank. The brigade had to withdraw at 5pm, losing the red line. Lance Corporal must have died within this battle. His body was found at D.17.a.90.00 north of Nieuwemolen near the railway. Red Cross Eye-witnesses state that he died early in the battle (around 6.30 am) due to a shell and was buried together with several other victims. During his reburial, he was firstly identified as Sunkin. This was later corrected.