• Geboortedatum: 29/05/1890
  • Geboorteplaats: Kensington, Middlesex, Engeland, Verenigd Koninkrijk
  • Datum van overlijden: 16/08/1917
  • Plaats van overlijden: Somme Farm, BelgiĆ«
  • Doodsoorzaak: Killed in action (K.I.A.)
  • Leeftijd: 27
  • Beroep: Onbekend
  • Land: Engeland, Verenigd Koninkrijk
  • Rang: Rifleman
  • Service nummer: 47093
  • Dienstneming datum: Onbekend
  • Dienstneming plaats: Onbekend
  • Laatst gekende eenheid: Royal Irish Rifles, 13th Bn. (1st County Down)
  • Strijdmacht: British Expeditionary Force


Extra informatie

Ernest Gotlop was a rifleman in the 13th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles, B company (108th Brigade, 36th Division). On October 16th, the 13th Battalion took part in the Battle of Langemarck. Its objective was to take the first objective, the green line (approximately D.19.a.90.80. to D.13.a.60.70). The attack started at 4.45 am. The 13th Bn. Was positioned north of Pommern Castle. The B Company was positioned at its very left. The company suffered heavy losses.
Somme Farm was eventually passed, but the platoon assigned to do so, failed to take hold of it. All available troops at the headquarters were endeavoured to take Somme. Around 6.30 am B Company started its retreat. A Company followed only an hour later. Eventually, troops retreated to their original line and struggled to keep the line under heavy German shelling. The 13th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles was relieved on 17th October. Rifleman Ernest Gotlop was officially reported wounded and missing during this battle, probably missing due to the retreat of the battalion.