Pte Last Edward Samuel

  • Geboortejaar: 1879
  • Geboorteplaats: Onbekend
  • Datum van overlijden: 23/08/1917
  • Plaats van overlijden: Inverness Copse, België
  • Doodsoorzaak: Killed in action (K.I.A.)
  • Leeftijd: 38
  • Beroep: Landarbeider
  • Land: Engeland, Verenigd Koninkrijk
  • Rang: Private
  • Service nummer: 27296
  • Dienstneming datum: Onbekend
  • Dienstneming plaats: Ipswich, Suffolk, Engeland, Verenigd Koninkrijk
  • Laatst gekende eenheid: Prince Albert’s (Somerset Light Infantry), 6th Bn.
  • Strijdmacht: British Expeditionary Force


Extra informatie

Private Edward Samuel Last served with the Somerset Light Infantry 6th Battalion, part of the 43rd Brigade of the 14th Division. On the 20th of August the 14th Division had been ordered to capture the general line Jasper Avenue – Inverness Copse – Herenthage Chateau – Fitzclarence Wood and the western portion of Glencorse Wood. The 43rd Brigade had been allotted the task of capturing a portion of the Green Line. The 6th Somerset Light Infantry, along with ½ section 43rd Machine Gun Company, had to attack on the right with the object of taking Herenthage Chateau and Inverness Copse and occupying the Green Line respectively southeast and east of these objectives. This was all part of a smaller operation that was designed to reduce certain important enemy strong points. Zero hour for this attack on Inverness Copse was 7 a.m. on the 22nd of August. When the artillery barrage lifted at 7:15 a.m. the two battalions of the 43rd Brigade – 6th Somerset on the right and 6th D.C.L.I. on the left - went over the top. Of the Somersets, No. 1 Company was on the right, No. 4 on the left, No. 2 in immediate support and No. 3 formed the last wave. During this attack, the Somersets were able to reach the front line but had to endure heavy artillery from the enemy and the enemy shelled heavily over the whole area. During the night the 6th Somersets, who had been holding the front line throughout the whole day, were relieved by the K.O.Y.L.I and other companies of the Durham Regiment, and moved back to the western edges of Inverness Copse in support. The Somerset men were greatly exhausted. In addition to the attack early in the morning of the 22nd, they had had to beat off three counterattacks pressed with vigour. At this time, there was only a small number of the battalion left. Private Edward Samuel Last, as a part of the Somerset Light Infantry 6th Battalion, took part in this attack on Inverness Copse but was killed in action. He was likely killed during the night of the 22nd – 23rd during one of the counterattacks of the enemy. He is now remembered in the Tyne Cot Memorial.