Informations sur naissance

Année de naissance:
Lieu de naissance:
Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland

Informations service militaire

Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Force armée:
British Expeditionary Force
Numéro de service:
Incorporation nom de lieu:
Dublin, Irlande, Royaume-Uni
 —  Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 9th Bn.  (Dernière unité connue)

Informations sur décès

Date de décès:
Lieu de décès:
Vampir, Zonnebeke, Belgique
Cause du décès:
Killed in action (K.I.A.)


Tyne Cot Memorial
Panneau: 144

Distinctions et médailles 4

1914-15 Star
British War Medal
Military Medal
Victory Medal

Points d'intérêt 3

#1 Lieu de naissance
#2 Lieu d'enrôlement
#3 Lieu du décès (approximatif)

Mon histoire

Corporal Michael Archbold (9th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 48th Brigade, 16th Division), was killed in action on the 16th of August 1917.
From the 16th to the 18th of August, the Battle of Langemarck, a stage in the Third Battle of Ypres, raged. On the 15th of August 1917, a day before the advance, the 9th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers left the Vlamertinghe area and marched to the assembly positions on the Frezenberg. The Battalion was in position by 11.30 p.m.
During the night of the 15th/16th of August 1917 there was intermittent German shelling on the assembly positions. The shelling continued all through the morning of the 16th of August, which made it very difficult for the battalion to get in position.
The 16th (Irish) Division attacked at 4.45 a.m. with the 9th Royal Dublin Fusiliers on the right of the Divisional front. The Battalion advanced along the Ypres-Roulers railroad. The Battalion attacked and the German strongpoints at Vampir Farm and Potsdam and dug in just in front of these positions. The Germans still held Vampir farm. The 9th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers was eventually pinned down east of Vampir Farm. During the afternoon the Germans launched a counter-attack and with both flanks in the air the men of the 16th (Irish) Division were forced to withdraw to the Frezenberg.
On the 17th and 18 of August 1917, the 9th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers were relieved and returned to Vlamertinghe area.
Corporal Michael Archbold fell during the attack on Vampir Farm. His remains were never recovered or never identified. Michael Archbold possibly kept lying in no man’s land after his Battalion withdrew to the Frezenberg. He is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial.

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"The Third Ypres. Passchendaele. The Day-By-Day Account", McCarthy, C., London, Arms and Armour Press, 1995, p. 49.
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