Edward Cecil Brown

Informations sur naissance

Date de naissance:
Lieu de naissance:
Dargaville, Hobson, New Zealand

Informations générales


Informations service militaire

New Zealand
Force armée:
New Zealand Expeditionary Force
Numéro de service:
Incorporation date:
Incorporation nom de lieu:
Paeroa, Waikato, New Zealand
 —  New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 4th Bn.  (Dernière unité connue)

Informations sur décès

Date de décès:
Lieu de décès:
Kronprinz Farm, Belgique
Cause du décès:
Killed in action (K.I.A.)


Tyne Cot Cemetery
Parcelle: XXXVI
Rangée: C
Tombe: 8

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#2 Lieu d'enrôlement

Mon histoire

Rifleman Edward Cecil BROWN ( 4th New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 3th New Zealand ( Rifle ) Brigade, 1st New Zealand Division ) was killed in action on the 12th of October 1917, known as the First Battle of Passchendaele. Located southeast of Poelcapelle, the New Zealand Division consisted of the 2nd N.Z. Brigade and the 3rd N.Z. ( Rifle ) Brigade, respectively positioned on the right and the left of the divisional borders. There were three objectives that day ( The Red Line, the Blue Line and the Green Dotted Line ). The 3rd Brigade consisted of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th N.Z. Rifle Brigade ; the first three Rifle Brigades were to take over one of the objectives with the 4th in reserve. The 4th N.Z. Rifle Brigade was also responible to give support in the rear to all the other Brigades while advancing to their objectives. None of the objectives were obtained that day. The 12th of October will be remembered as one of the most unsuccesful days in the history of World War I.

After the war, the remains of Rifleman Brown were found south of Kronprinz Farm ( D.3.c.3.4. ). We presume that during the attack he fell near the jumping off line and was brought back afterwards to be buried behind British Lines, near Kronprinz Farm. He was reburied in Tyne Cot Cemetery.

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