Rfn McKenzie Athol Everson Cuff

  • Date de naissance: 06/02/1894
  • Lieu de naissance: Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Date de décès: 07/06/1917
  • Lieu de décès: Mesen, Belgique
  • Cause du décès: Killed in action (K.I.A.)
  • Âge: 23
  • Profession: Cheese Manufacturer
  • Religion: Inconnu
  • Pays: New Zealand
  • Rang: Rifleman
  • Numéro de service: 26145
  • Incorporation date: 29/05/1916
  • Incorporation nom de lieu: Trentham, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Dernière unité connue: New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 4th Bn.
  • Force armée: New Zealand Expeditionary Force


Distinctions et médailles 2

British War Medal Médaille
Victory Medal Médaille

Complément d'informations

Athol Everson Cuff McKenzie lives and workes at the Dalefield Cheese Factory in Carterton, New Zealand before the War. His brothers Malcolm, Douglas and Kenneth McKenzie serve in the Australian Army. Athol enlists in New Zealand in May 1916.

On June 7th of 1917 Athol’s battalion takes part in the Battle of Messines. The German resistance was fierce, but the New Zealand Rifle Brigade managed to reach its objective on the eastern outskirts of Mesen. While consolidating their positions, the Germans counterattacked with artillery, causing several casualties.

Athol is only 23 years old when he is killed. He is buried south-east of Mesen, at Bethleem Farm. When his brother Malcolm is in the area in February 1918, he erects a memorial cross. The cross was found after the war but Athol's body was never identified. Athol McKenzie is commemorated on Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial, panel 37.

Athol’s brothers survive the War. The museum holds an original map and an aerial photograph of Malcolm, on which the locations of the grave and cross are noted.

Rapports avec d'autres militaires 3

Malcolm Hayward Cuff McKenzie Brother
Douglas Harold Cuff McKenzie Brother
Kenneth Hugh Cuff McKenzie Brother

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