Henry Daniel Blane Affleck

Informations sur naissance

Date de naissance:
Lieu de naissance:
Glentunnel, Canterbury, New Zealand

Informations générales

Assistant d'épicier

Informations service militaire

New Zealand
Force armée:
New Zealand Expeditionary Force
Numéro de service:
Incorporation date:
Incorporation nom de lieu:
Trentham, Wellington, New Zealand
 —  Canterbury Regiment, 1st Bn.  (Dernière unité connue)

Informations sur décès

Date de décès:
Lieu de décès:
Bellevue, Belgique
Cause du décès:
Killed in action (K.I.A.)


Tyne Cot, New Zealand Apse
Panneau: New Zealand Apse no. 2

Distinctions et médailles 2

British War Medal
Médaille — 20/09/1921
Victory Medal
Médaille — 28/07/1922

Points d'intérêt 2

#1 Lieu de naissance
#2 Lieu d'enrôlement

Mon histoire

Private Henry Daniel Blane Affleck, a 26-year-old grocer’s assistant from Dunedin, New-Zealand was killed in action on 14 October 1917. After the disastrous events of 12 October 1917, Henry’s unit, the 1st Battalion Canterbury Regiment, temporarily served as stretcher-bearers. They collected comrades who had been wounded during the attack on the Bellevue Ridge. The wounded were brought to Waterloo Farm, which was used as a regimental aid post.

On the 14th of October, private Affleck was reported killed in action. On his service record it is mentioned that he was buried between Peter Pan and Bellevue ( 28NE.D.4.d.2.2 ), which is 200 meters in front of the frontline. He might have been killed while working as a stretcher bearer. An informal armistice was observed, but the Germans fired on anyone who appeared without a stretcher. Henry Daniel Blane Affleck’s remains weren’t identified and he is remembered at the Tyne Cot Memorial to the missing.

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Sources 2

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