Informations sur naissance

Année de naissance:
Lieu de naissance:
Holbeck, West Yorkshire, England, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni

Informations générales

Dernière résidence connue:
Holbeck, West Yorkshire, England, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni

Informations service militaire

Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Force armée:
British Expeditionary Force
Numéro de service:
Incorporation nom de lieu:
Leeds, Yorkshire, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
 —  Royal Field Artillery, 55 Bty. 33rd Bde.  (Dernière unité connue)

Informations sur décès

Date de décès:
Lieu de décès:
Zonnebeke Church - Zonnebeke Kirche, Belgique
Cause du décès:
Killed in action (K.I.A.)


White House Cemetery
Parcelle: III
Rangée: Q
Tombe: 8

Distinctions et médailles 2

British War Medal
Victory Medal

Points d'intérêt 4

#1 Lieu de naissance
#2 Dernière résidence connue
#3 Lieu d'enrôlement
#4 "Lieu de décès"

Mon histoire

Robert Berry, a former shorthand typist, was born 1893 in Holbeck, West Yorkshire, England. He was the son of Robert and Catherine Berry. He enlisted in Leeds, West Yorkshire. He served in the 55th Bty of the 33rd Brigade Royal Field Artillery, part of the 11th (Northern) Division.

British artillerists, together with Canadians, were positioned in Zonnebeke during this time, behind the ruins of Zonnebeke Church. On November 11, 1917 the 55th Battery relieved a Canadian Brigade. On November 12, 1917 they were heavily shelled while using their 15 cm Howitzers in Zonnebeke. Three men of the 33rd Brigade were killed this day: Berry, Howard and Cooke

Robert, aged 24, was killed in action on November 12, 1917. Gunner Berry was initially buried where he fell, near Zonnebeke Church (28.D.28.a.00.80). After the war, his remains were exhumed and reinterred in the White House Cemetery, Plot III, Row Q, Grave 8.

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