Gnr Manley Douglas Roy

  • Geboortedatum: 25/10/1985
  • Geboorteplaats: Porus, Manchester, Jamaica
  • Datum van overlijden: 26/07/1917
  • Plaats van overlijden: Onbekend
  • Doodsoorzaak: Killed in action (K.I.A.)
  • Leeftijd: 67
  • Beroep: Student
  • Land: Engeland, Verenigd Koninkrijk
  • Rang: Gunner
  • Service nummer: 41804
  • Dienstneming datum: 21/09/1915
  • Dienstneming plaats: Deptford, Kent, Engeland, Verenigd Koninkrijk
  • Laatst gekende eenheid: "D" Bty.
  • Strijdmacht: British Expeditionary Force


Extra informatie

Douglas Roy Manley and his brother Norman, both born in Jamaica, enlisted in September 1915 in Deptford with the Royal Field Artillery. When their parents died they moved to England, where Roy boarded at a public school in Essex. He was good at sports, cricket and running and a 19 year old student at the time of enlisting. Despite his education Roy was denied officer training. Norman being appointed corporal also faced racial prejudice being a ‘coloured’ N.C.O. He gave up his rank and reverted back to the rank of gunner as his brother. They were part of “D” Bty., 174th Brigade Royal Field Artillery, 39th Division.

Roy and Norman were gun layers, they moved guns into position for firing and taking up new positions. After being deployed on the Somme in 1916, they moved to the Ypres Salient mid-1917. Roy had by then already been wounded in February 1917. On 26 July 1917 while setting up gun positions in a wood glade, their squadron suffered German gunfire. In only a couple of minutes half of the men were wounded or dead. Roy was carrying a wounded man his back, who turned out to be dead, when he too was killed by a shell fragment to the heart. Gunner Douglas Roy Manley was buried at Poperinghe New Military Cemetery, where he is still remembered today.

Norman stated that, after losing his brother, he would be lonely for the rest of the war. After the war, he returned to Jamaica to becoming the leading lawyer of the island and founding the People’s National party in 1938. Norman Manley became Chief Minister from 1955 to 1959 and Premier from 1959 to 1962. Jamaica becoming independent in 1962. In 1969, shortly after his death he was given the title of National Hero.