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Dalby, Queensland, Australia

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Australian Imperial Force
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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
 —  Australian Infantry, 24th Bn. (Victoria)  (Letzte bekannte Einheit)

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Buttes New British Cemetery, Polygon Wood
Grabstelle: VI
Reihe: B
Grab: 4

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British War Medal
Victory Medal

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Private Thomas Campion served in the Australian Infantry 24th Battalion, part of the 6th Australian Brigade, of the 2nd Australian Division.
The 2nd Australian Division participated in the Battle of Poelcapelle (9th of October 1917), a stage in the Third Battle of Ypres. The 6th Brigade on the left of the divisional front went forward with the 24th, 22nd, 21st Battalions; the 23rd Battalion was in support. Notwithstanding the exhaustion of the men and the overall lamentable state of the Battalions the Division was ordered to advance towards Daisy Wood.
The artillery barrage which preceded the attack was weak an inaccurate. Consequently as the attacking arties advanced through the boggy ground, they were an easy target for the German snipers and machine-guns. When the 24th Battalion reached Daisy Wood they encountered heavy machine-gun and rifle fire, causing heavy casualties.
Casualties had reduced the units until the attack fell apart into small groups, operating largely on their own initiative. “C” Company in the center merged with “A” Company on the left and established posts in Daisy Wood. The attack came to a standstill and reinforcements of the 28th Battalion had to come over to fill up a gap in the line. Daisy Wood was eventually cleared from German resistance by 2 p.m., but the Battalion was unable to consolidate their gains, due to their small numbers.
German counterattacks and German strongpoints behind Daisy Wood contributed to the dire situation. The positions of the men remained critical throughout the night, but the men held out and were relieved during the night.
Private Thomas Campion was killed in action on the 9th October of 1917. He was initially buried in the field on the Western outskirts of Daisy Wood. The position of his grave is close to the position where “A” and “C” Company merged together and established positions on the utter left flank. Thomas Champion’s remains were exhumed after the war and interred in Buttes New British Cemetery in Polygon Wood.

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